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S&S Book Talk

Book chat and reviews.

Simon and Schuster UK
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Book Reviews and Discussion

about this community
Once you have read one of the giveaway books from our journal simon_saysuk, and have decided to write a review on it, please post the review in this community (or a link through to the review in your journal) as well as any other communities you may wish to post the review in.


Do have fun with this community.
Do discuss! A healthy debate over books is always fun!
Do bring your friends.
Do tag your entries with the name of the book!
Do be constructive - if you liked/disliked a book, tell us why as opposed to just saying 'it was good'
Don't make it un-fun for anyone else.
Don't take it personally if someone doesn't agree with your review. Everyone is different and no one means it as a personal attack on you.
Don't post spoilers! - If your review contains spoilers than please use the LJ-CUT and put a spoiler disclaimer above it to warn readers.

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